Terms & Conditions


Terms and conditions in this documents is applicable to all users and third party of Grorenge.com. Customers are advised to go through the document clearly. Using www.grorenge.com would subject to acceptance and adherence to mentioned terms and conditions.


Website refers to www.grorenge.com

Customers, you refers to people browsing www.grorenge.com

We refers to Bigberlian Retail Private Limited.


The brand Grorenge and website www.grorenge.com is owned by Bigberlian Retail Private Limited 


1. Information provided by customers is subjected to verification. Incorrect information will lead to cancelling customer’s registration.

2. Use of website is on customers risk and its customer’s self-judgment while transacting with us.

3. Once customers have placed an order with us, they are abide by terms and conditions of sale mentioned in this document.

4. Customers guarantee that we are the owner of the information provided by them.

5. Customers shall not post any written material to defame, abuse, harass, or violate legal rights of others or BIGBERLIAN RETAIL PVT. LTD. on the website or any other forum.

6. Customers hereby agree and confirm, that BIGBERLIAN RETAIL PVT. LTD. reserve the right to modify the Terms and Conditions of the website without any prior intimation to you.


Any person below 18 years of age is not allowed to transact on the website. Customers above age of 18 years are eligible for placing orders.


Customers grant permission to send e-mail, messages or other electronic media using the contact information provided by them.


Any reviews, comments posted by customers on website or social media page would remain BIGBERLIAN RETAIL PVT. LTD.’s property. Company owns right to use this content for commercial use. BIGBERLIAN RETAIL PVT. LTD. have rights to monitor, delete, and modify this content.


When there is a large gap between the dates of placement of order and the date of delivery of the order, considering fluctuations in prices in between, BIGBERLIAN RETAIL PVT. LTD. would adjust price in invoice and same will be charged to the customer. 


Grorenge reserve the right to cancel any order at sole discretion, under a situation where company is not able to honor order due to any unforeseen circumstances. In such cases, customer will get prior intimation about order cancellation.


We have a "No questions asked return policy". At the time of delivery, if customer’s finds any damages to the products, our delivery person will take back damaged products and will adjust the bill at the same time. At the time of delivery, Customers need to check quantity of products as per order. In case customer finds out damaged products later, he/she has to inform customer care within 2 days. Grorenge will arrange replacement immediately. Damages due misuse of product and opened/ used consumable items shall not be covered under replacement guarantee.


1. Customers agree to indemnify Bigberlian Retail Private Limited, its directors, employees, from and against all actions, liabilities, claims, damages/losses, arising out of your (Customer) violation of this terms and conditions, privacy policy and other policies.

2. Customers agree that BIGBERLIAN RETAIL PVT. LTD. shall not be responsible for any direct/indirect damage, incidental damage, consequential damage resulting from use of www.grorenge.com and related /unrelated services like delivery and sales of goods.

3. Any legal proceeding will be under jurisdiction of courts of Nagpur.

4. Photographs provided on websites are indicative only. Product may differ from actual image.

5. In case discrepancies arising from typographical mistakes of product pricing, BIGBERLIAN RETAIL PVT. LTD. shall adjust the same in bill. Customers are allowed to cancel order in such cases.

6. BIGBERLIAN RETAIL PVT. LTD. tries to ensure correctness of information in www.grorenge.com but can’t give warranty completeness of information.


Personal Information

Bigberlian Retail Private Limited [BRPL] is the licensed owner of the brand Grorenge and the website www.grorenge.com

Visitors are advised to read privacy policy.By accessing the services provided by the grorengei.com, you agree to the collection and use of your data by BRPL..

Information Collected from You

As part of the registration process on www.grorenge.com, BRPL may collect the following information about you: Name including first and last name, alternate email address, mobile phone number, contact details, Postal code, Demographic profile, browsing information( E.g. Most visited products, categories).

Use of Information

BRPL will use your personal information to provide personalized features to you on the Site and to provide promotional offers to you through the Site and other channels